Who am I?

Who are you? Now I am not asking about your name or what work you do. I want you to ask yourself ‘who am I’? Why? Because questions are always followed by answers and I hope to make the answer a little bit clearer to you.

The truth is you are much more than just your name and current life situations. You are also not your body, nor are you your mind or thoughts. This is going to sound crazy to some of you but give it a chance. You are God. You are consciousness. It is God that is looking at the world through your eyes.

Now I don’t want you to get a big head and walk around with the attitude that you created everything and everyone should automatically respect you. When I say you are God, I mean everyone is God. We are the universe experiencing itself. The ever-expanding universe. And just like the universe, we are also ever-expanding.

Who am I?

If you don’t want to believe that you are God, that’s fine. At the very least you can see yourself as a spiritual being experiencing life in a physical world. You were created by the creator in the image of the creator to create here on the physical plane. We are all part of universal consciousness. The way you can look at it is that there is the mind of God and you are a small part of the whole.

This is really a hard concept for most people to try and believe because of the way most of us were brought up, but I challenge you to go and do your own research. Only a fool will not take an idea and kick it around to see if it won’t improve his life.

Your power is within: the inner world.

Understand that you have immense power within you. It is locked up inside you and no one has given you a manual up to this point on how to use it. Understand that we live simultaneously in two worlds:

  1. The inner world: your thoughts and your consciousness. You cannot use your five senses in the inner world.
  2. The outer world: The physical world where circumstances and situations occur. You can use your five senses in the outer world.

The problem is that we have believed that we only live in the physical outer world. Let me tell you a secret. The inner world is much more powerful than the outer world. You see the inner world creates the outer. Our outer reality is merely a reflection of our inner world.

If you don’t believe me, think about the following: Every single thing in the world was once only a thought in the mind of man/God. There cannot be action before you think in your mind of the action. The chair you are sitting on was once a thought in someone’s imagination. The computer/phone you are using to read this blog was once a thought in someone’s imagination.

Your whole outer world was once only a thought in your imagination. It is your past thoughts that led you to where you are now. You might have had the thought ‘I want a new car’. That thought led you to a change in your actions. You used your money differently, you saved, and you sought out new opportunities to earn money and boom. You have your new car.

who am i?

So knowing this, you can be whatever you choose to be here in the physical world. You can achieve this through the use of the proper techniques and above all PERSISTENCE. I will not be discussing the techniques in this post, you can learn about it here.

You are the cause of everything that happens to you.

I want you to understand the following also: “You are the cause of everything that happens to you.” Yes. Everything. Another hard pill to swallow. I had a bit of an issue with this one as I have been a victim of a home robbery. I wrestled with this statement. I mean, come on, I like myself. Why would I be the cause of the robbery?

The reason has to do with the law of vibration and your own personal vibration. What is the law of vibration you ask? Basically it says that every single thing in this universe is vibrating at a certain frequency (a certain level of vibration), even you! Gas vibrates at a fast rate, liquids vibrate at a slower rate than gas, and solids vibrate even slower than liquid. It just appears to our eyes that everything is still and not moving unless we move it.

Who am i?
“I am what I think I am most of the time”

You are vibrating at a certain frequency and that is what is attracting the circumstances and situations that you experience in the outer world. For the next part I would just like to define the law of attraction for you. At the most basic level of understanding it means: like energy attracts like energy. Like vibrations attract like vibrations.

So then you attract (through the law of attraction) circumstances and situations that are vibrating at the same frequency as you. And that is how your reality is created. Everything in this universe is governed by laws. For example gravity, the speed of sound, and the earth that spins around its own axis, etc. So would it not make sense that our lives are also governed by laws? I mean we are also part of the universe, are we not?

So life responds to our personal vibration of energy. Now you are probably wondering how you can change this personal vibration that you are walking around with. The answer is quite simple. Your thoughts and beliefs create your personal vibration.

What you must understand is that your personal vibration is not going to change by thinking new thoughts for a day or two and then reverting back to your normal thinking patterns. This must be done with dedication for a period of about 90 days. I will make a later post about how to really change your personal vibration. For now I just want to make you aware of it.

So this has been a lot of new information if you are new to the world of personal development. I do not want to overload you with mountains of information. In the next post, we will explore the world of thought, for now, I want you to feel inspired and amazed with this new perspective you have about life. Remember knowledge is not power, but the application of knowledge is power.

A very good video to watch if you want to know more. The speaker is Wayne Dyer, he has studied Neville Goddard and the Bible extensively.


I am passionate and fascinated about how the human mind works and why we do what we do. I want to share what I have learned with others while also helping them to achieve a body they are proud of.

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