The world of thought.

Today I will be discussing the magical world of thought. What thoughts are, how you can use them in a more productive way, the way thoughts are linked to your body as well as the universe, and much more.

What are thoughts?

A thought is a mental activity experienced in your inner world (not the physical outer world) and they can be anything from ideas, fantasies of the future, or memories of the past. These thoughts are attracted to your mind through the vibration that you are currently in.

We have been conditioned to think that thoughts do not matter that much, but actions matter. Think about this. Every action requires a thought. You cannot perform the action of reading a book before thinking ‘I am going to read my book now’.

What I am trying to convey here is that we need to let go of this misconception that thoughts are meaningless little nothings that we just have to experience every day. We need to put in an effort to focus our thoughts on what we want to have happen. This might sound weird but it will make more sense later.

Thoughts affect your body and how you feel.

Something that can really make or break you is your thoughts and how you use them.

Think about this. Let’s say that you focus your thoughts on that one special person in your life. You see their face in your imagination, you experience your fondest memories, you think about that funny joke they told or that romantic night they planned.

How do you feel when you think about that person in that way? Good. Great! AMAZING! Those thoughts you had about that person put you in a positive vibration, a feel-good vibe.

This also works the other way around. Think about the worst thing that ever happened to you. Relive that experience for a few minutes and I am certain that you will begin to feel worse.

Same for fearful thoughts about the future. If you imagine all of those worst-case scenarios your body begins to resonate and vibrate on that level. You begin to feel as if that scenario is true.

And all of this is because thoughts are vibrations of energy. And as we know everything is vibrations of energy. And different thoughts have different levels of vibration. Positive thoughts have higher levels and negative thoughts have lower levels of vibration.

the world of thought
subconscious mind

Repeated thoughts imprint in your subconscious mind.

Thoughts that you repeat over and over conscious or unconsciously will imprint itself in your subconscious. Therefore you need to observe your habitual thought patterns – the thoughts you think out of habit. For this you will need to start some self-observation.

You can use meditation to become better at self-observation and also randomly throughout the day stop and just observe your thoughts. Make notes of the thoughts you think most of the time, just the general theme, like for example positive/negative thoughts about an upcoming presentation you have.

If you see that you are really thinking negatively turn the tables on those thoughts. Choose to think that the presentation is going to be excellent. Make your body vibrate with that type of energy. Affirmations work great to alter the vibration of your body.

The six laws of the mind

John Kehoe is one of the mentors I have chosen for myself. He introduced me to the six laws of the mind. It is amazing to have an understanding of how your mind operates.

John has been studying and teaching this information for over 40 years and has helped thousands of people to better their lives by giving them this empowering information.

So what I am going to do is list the laws, give you John’s definition and then talk about the laws.

The laws:

1 – Thoughts are REAL forces

‘Every single thought you think is a force, and an energy and is having an effect in your life.’

I mentioned this earlier but one of the reasons why thoughts are forces is because every action starts by first being a thought. And action is definitely a force.

Every single thought in your past has led you to this exact moment you are experiencing right now, if that is not a force then I don’t know what is. Isn’t that amazing? So now you know that if you have better quality thoughts starting today you will have better quality experiences starting today.

But thoughts go deeper than just action. Thoughts you think over and over and over again are imprinted in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will then attract the right circumstances and situations in the outer world to match the thoughts and images in the inner world.

2 – The law of transmission

‘Your mind is a sending and receiving station of thought.’

Receiving part: You always receive thoughts based on your vibration. If you are in a success vibration for most of the time you will attract more successful thoughts. That’s the type of thoughts that will make you more successful.

If you are in a poor vibration (you have a consciousness/awareness of being poor) most of the time, you will attract more ‘poor’ type thoughts. These thoughts when put into action will make you poorer, e.g. ‘buy that new iPhone’ although you know you need to use the money in another way.

So think the thoughts of the things you want to experience. If you want to attract success then think successful thoughts, that will give your body a vibration of success, and that in turn will attract more successful thoughts which acted upon will make you more successful.

Sending part: All of the thoughts that we think are sent into the universe. Thoughts travel through the energy grid system. We influence the people that we come into contact with. We influence them through our thoughts, our energy. Think great thoughts about other people. That sets up a great vibration within you and you will attract great things.

Remember that we are all different manifestations of the same consciousness. So by thinking great thoughts about other people (other manifestations of the same consciousness), you are also thinking great thoughts about yourself.

3 – The law of attraction

‘Thoughts that are emotionalised become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts to you.’

This law ties in with the receiving part of the previous law. The feeling you are in, your vibration, be it happy or sad, that feeling will attract more of those types of thoughts. If you are feeling happy then you will be attracting to yourself more thoughts that make you happy.

The other part of this law is that we are forever attracting circumstances and situations most like our predominant thought patterns. Think of a person who always moans and criticizes other people.

Now think about the types of circumstances and situations that follow that person around. Most of the time they are attracting negative circumstances and situations. Why? Because that is their predominant thoughts.

That is why you need to observe your thoughts. We all have thought patterns. We need to identify the thoughts that are not in harmony with the life we want to live and eliminate those thoughts.

subconscious mind

4 – The law of control

‘You are forever experiencing thoughts, but you have the power and the ability to either entertain these thoughts or dismiss them.’

This law doesn’t need much explaining. You have the power and the ability to stop what you are thinking whenever you want to. Or you can entertain what you are thinking if you like your thoughts.

Why is this an important ability to have? Because our thoughts are REAL forces. If you fixate on the negative side of things that is the type of circumstances you are going to attract.

Let me also just mention that one great thought is not going to attract one great situation just like one negative thought is not going to attract one negative situation. It’s all about your habitual predominant thinking patterns.

5 – The law of insertion

‘You have the power and the ability to insert any thought of any type into your mind.’

You can think exactly what you want! Nobody can tell you what to think, you allow your mind to think whatever thoughts you think and it is your choice to start thinking about whatever it is that you want.

Insert thoughts of what you want to feel, like success, health, prosperity, abundance, happiness, etc. Why would you do this? Because thoughts are REAL forces!

So when you are conscious that you are feeling sad, insert thoughts of happiness into your mind. Think of all the things that you like, that makes you happy. Pretty soon you will start to feel happy. Just remember what will happen when you start thinking sad thoughts again.

6 – The law of connection

‘Your inner and outer worlds are connected.’

We live simultaneously in two different worlds. The inner world of thought and consciousness and the outer physical world of circumstances and situations.

We have been conditioned to believe that only the outer world matters. You see we are so sucked into this world of our senses, that we think the outer world is the only world.

Your outer world engages with you through circumstances and situations (that you attracted with your previous thinking). Those events make you think and feel on the same level of vibration that those events have. And so you attract circumstances of the same level of vibration again and again.

What we must aim to achieve is to control our inner world, our personal vibration of energy, and keep it focussed on what we want to attract for a certain period of time. Then the circumstances and situations that have the same level of vibration as our thinking will be attracted to us.

Below is a video wherein John Kehoe explains the 6 laws of the mind, check it out, I highly recommend you get acquainted with his work. If you enjoyed the video or would just like to learn more about his work, I welcome you to download an ebook that John wrote called Secrets of the subconscious mind.

You reap what you sow.

You sow with your thoughts. If you think great thoughts, great things will happen to you. If you think bad thoughts, bad things will happen to you.

Think the thoughts that you want to see reflected in your outer reality, and do it on a consistent basis (every day for at least 90 days) to imprint it in your subconscious mind.

The reason you would want to do that is because your subconscious mind is the key to your desired life. Whatever subconscious beliefs you have will show up in your outer reality.

I sincerely hope that you learned something valuable from this post, your thoughts are so much more than it seems to be. There is more to it than just a voice in your head. If you missed my previous post, click here to read it.

Have a fantastic day!


I am passionate and fascinated about how the human mind works and why we do what we do. I want to share what I have learned with others while also helping them to achieve a body they are proud of.

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