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Fix your training program to improve muscle growth

Muscle protein synthesis is the process your body uses to build muscle mass. The two main factors for improving muscle mass are: 1. your diet (click here to learn more) and 2. your training program. The reason that your muscles grow when you train them: You put your muscles under stress/tension when you train them. Muscle fibers break due to this tension. Your body reacts by using protein from your diet to repair the broken muscle fibers – as you know the building blocks for muscle are protein. In that process muscle grows in order to handle the stress coming...


Struggling to lose or gain weight? IIFYM is what you need!

Are you constantly switching from one diet to another with no lasting result? Well, look no further! The answer is IIFYM. Before I explain exactly what it is I think it is important that you know a little basics about food. Food is energy. We need food in order to do anything and we measure the food we eat as our calorie intake. The energy we use can be seen as our calorie expenditure. The reason that you gain weight is that your calorie intake is more than your calorie expenditure. In other words you eat more food than the...