About this blog

I have had a passion for fitness for a long time and recently I have fallen in love with all topics related to personal development. So I have decided to start a blog sharing the knowledge I have accumulated so far on both subjects. I plan to share valuable insights and add value to your life.

I want to give you practical information and a structure you can use. Knowledge is not power, BUT the application of knowledge is power. I am going to take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you feel as powerful as I know you are.

Know that I am always doing my utmost best to give you the most accurate knowledge in both of these fields. I do feel that everybody should always investigate matters further and not just believe what somebody is writing on the internet, so by all means gather all the information you can on a topic if you do not fully understand something. I have made it a habit of mine.

So join me in this journey to self-discovery and see that you can have the body and the life that you desire.